Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Full Circle

KM's soft baby's breath on my cheek brings tears to my eyes, and I snuggle her body even closer to mine. What a blessing she is - what a precious gift. She's impish, delightful, stubborn,loving, a charmer, a giggler, and just a joy to be around. I think of all the pain that we went through prior to her birth, and that pain is washed away with the gentleness of her sigh. She is content and happy and well-loved and safe - just like her mommy - and that is all that matters.

Being a "nana" brings so much to my life. Watching KM grow and change often brings back memories of when TP and DQ were little - so it's kind of like de ja vu - and I'm swept back in time when life was simpler and kinder and less stressful. But this time of my life, while different than what it was before, is so much richer and fuller. The nostalgia is kind of bittersweet, but the reality of my current life is even sweeter. I have been through so much - I have survived - I have thrived - all thanks to God's grace and strength. The knowledge that He has been right next to me through it all brings me such comfort and gratitude. For without Him, I would be nothing. And with Him, I can be all He wants me to be - a mom, a wife, a nana, a counselor, a friend . . . and His faithful daughter.

It's been a full circle for me. I'm still healing, but I am stronger. Life keeps on throwing some punches at me - and I keep on taking them - but I know that I can keep on going because God is right here, protecting me and guiding me. Thank you, dear Lord, for all that you have given to me.


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