Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vacation is Over - Back to Reality!

Ahhhhhh - vacation!

What a wonderful treat it was - spending time with friends and relatives, going to the beach, being with my girls and my hubby without having to worry about a schedule. It went by much too quickly, but each moment was savored and relished. I am so grateful that we are able to stay at Nana's and Papa's place on the beach - it is so beautiful and peaceful. It stays light out until 10:00, and even by 11:00 the western horizon still is glimmering a little.

I have now lived in Ohio 25 years - I had lived in Michigan 26 years. Almost half my life has been spent here, yet I still call Michigan "home". I am so connected to my hometown - most of my siblings still live there, my parents are buried there, and, of course, the in-laws live there (as well as a few of their sons). The memories are abundant - some are wonderful, others not so good - but all have been altered slightly by time and a change in perspective. The girls are actually fascinated now with tales of my childhood and teenage years - I know they can't believe I was actually a teenager at one time, and I can't actually believe I am not a teenager any longer!

Anyway, the relaxation did wonders for all of us. It was truly just what the doctor ordered. We arrived back home on Sunday; then, Monday was the 4th, and we had company for dinner after which we went to the outdoor concert and fireworks. We are now slowly getting back into a summer schedule of sorts.

But then there is tomorrow. . .

The day of yet another endoscopy for TP to see what is causing the biliary duct stricture. Of course, I understand that this is only a precautionary measure to make sure that there is no pathology going on, I know this at a professional level, but the Mom in me is still afraid and concerned. I try not to focus on the "what if's", I try not to read all the medical info on the web. I try to stay focused and upbeat for TP's sake, I try to let go and let God. Oh please, dear Lord, keep her safe tomorrow. Please let the test results come back negative. Please let the prognosis be good. Please let the course of treatment be not too invasive or toxic or horrendous, as she has been through so very much this past year. Amen.


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