Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rebecca St. James: Why I'm Waiting

This is an interview with Rebecca St. James, whose video "Wait for Me" I just posted a few days ago. She explains why she is going to reamin chaste until she marries - which is an important message for us to pass on to our daughters AND sons. She also mentions that our God is a god of forgivness and second chances, so if by chance a person has made the mistake of not waiting, then that person can make the vow to remain chaste once again.

A young man, James Berkon, has written a book entitled "Made New" which discusses the concept of "secondary virginity", which is when a person decides to become pure once again and to make a solemn vow to wait. He describes how premarital sex affects a person on many levels. Please visit his website at
It has a lot of great information on it - not only about his book but also other resources which are available out there to young women and men who are struggling with the after-effects of their decision to have sex prior to marriage. It is my hope and prayer that James' message, and Rebecca St. James' message, will touch a few hearts and souls out there, and help those people to become "Made New" once again.


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