Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

Today was our first day of spring break. DQ slept in while I ran some errands, then we had to go to Westerville for a doctor's appointment, then back home to go to the 3:00 service for Good Friday. Tonight, my hubby and I relaxed - the house was quiet and peaceful with just the 5 of us - the two humans and the 3 bichons! DQ went out to dinner and a movie with a friend.

The good news is that DQ got a job as a server at a Christian assisted living facility! She's very excited about it, and it's in a great environment. The next few weeks will be busy for us as we prepare for the many events which will lead up to her graduation. Next week, we are taking a day to go prom-dress shopping - making a full day of it with shopping and lunch. Fun! It's kind of bittersweet as this will be the last time I get to do this with my girls, but they are moving into different stages of their lives. Then, in 2 weeks, Nana and Papa will be here for five days, and will go to Grandparent's Day at DQ's school. Of course, there will be plenty of golfing, eating, shopping, and playing cards. We love it when they come to visit us! After that, DQ will be involved with the play at school, and we have to get out her invitations to the open house after her graduation. She graduates on May 30th, so I have to hustle and get her pictures together for her display table, and get the house totally cleaned from top to bottom! Overall, she's doing VERY well - she's happy, healthy, and can't wait to get to college!

I'm expanding my private practice - it won't be "private" anymore. I am adding two contract people to help with my caseload - I have people virtually on waiting lists right now, or I have to send them elsewhere for treatment, and I don't like to do that. I have built up a strong and excellent reputation in my community over the past 20 years - and I didn't want to jeapordize that by turning people away, so thus the decision to expand. I am going to have an "open house" in May, where I introduce my new employees to the professional community and the community at large. I was going to hire TP as my receptionist, but unfortunately, she is no longer interested in that position due to her decision to stay in Michigan. So, I plan to talk to a couple of people tomorrow and then make a decision of who to hire by next week.

I was going to rearrange the basement into a small apartment for TP, but I won't be needing to do that anymore. Instead, I think I shall get rid of the old furniture down there, and decide if we want to put a pool table down there, or make it into a workroom, or just get some new furniture and keep it as a tv room.

Life goes on. It still has a huge hole in it, but it's time to focus on the good things still left in my life - my husband, my other daughter, my faith, and my vocation. But I still miss TP incredibly. . .


At 11:50 AM, Blogger ukok said...

I'm so glad to read your post that is full of hope for the future, even though you have this pain form having to watch your girl go the way of her own choosing. I'm glad for you that your practice is thriving and that you are expanding the business. That takes a lot of trust and a lot of hard work too. I will pray for the sucess of your new endeavour, and also that god continues to bless and comfort your family.

Happy Easter!


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