Monday, April 13, 2009

A year ago. . .

A year ago, TP moved out. To this day, I still can't believe it. This year has had its' ups and down. And I still miss her so incredibly much.

She has chosen a difficult path.

She knows we will welcome her back home, with open arms and a loving embrace.

She knows I still cry for her every night, and I still keep her in my prayers.

I light a candle for her twice a week at church, for her to find her way home.

This is the last post about TP until she comes home again. I just can't bear to write anymore about how she has been torn from my life.

TP - I love you. I miss you. You will always be my daughter, no matter what; and I will always be your momma.

I'll be waiting for your phone call. . . or for you to magically appear at my door someday. . .

Until we meet again, babe.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Heidi Pocketbook said...


I left a comment in regards to your article over at praying for our prodigals.

I feel your month will mark a year since I've seen my prodigal daughter....

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Hi Heidi -

Thank you for your comment here. I, too, left a comment for you over at the other blog. HOpefully, we can keep in touch and share this journey together.

I shall keep you in my prayers.



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