Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Life Changes

A friend of ours has a 23 year old daughter who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 11 years old. Today, she has undergone a double lung transplant. I don't know many of the details as of yet, but I do know she is in ICU right now and "doing well". They got "the call" last night that the lungs were available. The whole family is in our prayers - for strength and healing over the next few weeks.

TP will have her stent removed in a couple of weeks, after which they will monitor her progress and see how she responds. I am somewhat reluctant to have the stent removed, as her labs have improved and she is feeling much better. But, the stent was only a temporary measure to begin with anyway, so I guess I'd rather do it now before school starts again, just so that we can have some time to see what happens. Hopefully, I will hear from her other doctor tomorrow about whether or not we can decrease the prednisone even more. I am a bit worried about the pancreatitis, as I don't want it to cause her to become diabetic. At the same time, I don't want the lupus to rear its' ugly head again. Oh dear. . .

DQ is getting nervous about starting a new school in a few weeks. Poor thing - she's been through so much the past couple of years, too. But, she seems to be doing so much better, and I think the new school will open up so many more opportunities for her. I am just praying that she will be accepted for who she is, and that she won't experience the kind of ignorant and hurtful treatment she received at her last school. I haven't even began to write about that whole debacle yet - probably because it's just too wraught with emotion for me.

Despite all the difficulties we've had recently - what with the job loss, the loss of our financial security, health problems, school problems related to the school environment - I am still so very, very aware of how blessed I am with being given the opportunity to be a mom to these two awesome young ladies. They have brought so much love, joy, and laughter into my life! They have taught me how to give when I didn't think I had another ounce in me to give; they have taught me how to love so much that it takes my breath away; they have taught me how to come to peace with my own childhood; they have taught me how to be me - a mom!

Tomorrow is my first official day on my diet! I MUST LOSE AT LEAST 30 POUNDS. And I pray nothing gets in my way of achieving that goal. I also have to be a role model for Sara as she battles her own weight problem due to the prednisone. If I won't do it, then she sure isn't going to do it, either. I am going to need lots of help with this one, Lord!

Life is never constant, except for the love God has for each of us. Let me accept that love, and use it to help me through my day.


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