Friday, March 09, 2007

Daily Life

I know, it's been quiet around here on my blog. But not quiet around my house. A lot of things happening - both good and not-so-good - which cause me to think and ponder and pray.

My youngest has been struggling academically due to her ADHD. Here's a kid with an extremely high IQ, and her performance just doesn't match with the IQ score - which is typical with ADHD kids. Thus, she and kids like her get labeled "lazy" or "unmotivated". If I could figure out a magic formula which would work for her and others like her, I would gladly do it. She is very capable of the work, but either she forgets to bring the work home, or loses it between here and school, or only completes half of the assignment, or just forgets an assignment all together. When she actually completes the work and hands it in, she gets straight A's. The ability to focus and concentrate is virtually non-existent, and her disorganization is beyond comprehension. Through a lot of hard work over the years, she's always been able to finish school with almost all A's and B's. This year, it's totally different. Guess what the difference is this year? She's not taking her meds! So, for those of you who poo-poo the idea that these kids who are truly diagnosed with ADHD don't really need their meds, I say to you "PFFFFLLLLTTT"! You can't imagine the kind of stress this puts on not only the kid, but the parent(s) as well.

TP is facing finals next week. This quarter went by SO fast. She applied to be an RA, but didn't get the job the first time around, so she is on the alternate list in case if somebody drops out of the program. She was very disappointment, and actually quite shocked because she was told she had gotten it by one of the people who had interviewed her. However, we are cautiously optimistic that she'll still be one in the fall, and she is going to go ahead and take the class this upcoming quarter in order to be prepared. If she doesn't get in in the fall, then she'll be up on the list for the following year. She's done quite well this term with all of her classes (even Anatomy and Physiology), and her advisor is fairly certain that TP will be admitted into the nursing school. We'll find out for sure on May 1st (say a little prayer, please, that this comes to fruition). She's been having difficulties with her roommate which I won't go into here, and she's been under a lot of stress with all of her pledging activities. All in all, though, she is handling herself quite well - and she's taking these challenges and learning so much from each of them! I'm really proud of her for how well she's juggled everything this term and she still kept her sanity and sense of humor (right, TP?).

I'm trying to decide what to do with my office space - I'm not sure if I should stay in the office I've had for 15 years, or get a larger one. The rents are about the same - but there are pros and cons for either decision. I'm working on taxes. I'm getting other paperwork caught up. I'm starting on spring housecleaning. I want to paint the upstairs and two rooms downstairs. Spring fever has finally hit!!!!!

So, life goes on, and I'm grateful for my little family who loves me and who keeps me busy :-) .

I'll get back to writing more frequently here before too long. I hope all is well with all of you!


At 7:44 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

Dear Valarie - I just want to let you know I truly value your blog. My 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with SCLE about 6 months ago and I have been dying inside everytime I see her start a flare . Your continual believe in God is an inspiration - I hope to get there one day and be more accepting of His Will.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger My Kid's Mom said...

Dear Margaret - I'm truly sorry about your daughter's illness. As a mom, I know how difficult it is to watch a daughter go through all of the emotions of this kind of chronic illness. You'll need to make sure you take care of yourself so that you can take care of her - something I am certain you already know. I noticed you don't have a blog, but do you have an email address which I can reach you at? If you don't feel comfortable posting yours, I'll post mine and you can contact me. Or, you can send me an email via the other website I write at - (my column there is entitled "Chosen"). God bless you and your daughter!


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