Saturday, March 17, 2007

Help us, Lord

Hey, folks. Crisis time again. I've had the wind knocked out of me - basically punched in the gut without the other person even caring how much it hurts me and how it's going to hurt and affect her forever.

I want to die right now. I haven't felt this way since I battled with depression years ago and I was suicidal. All that I've done for the past 19 years has just been shoved in my face and told that it didn't matter, that her faith doesn't matter to her anymore, and she doesn't care what I think or what others think.

My husband is shaking - he's so hurt by this. He looks like he's in shock and like he wants to cry. Physically, I'm sick to my stomach, and my body won't stop shaking.

I don't even know her anymore. Who is this girl who had so much going for her, and now has given up so much of herself? Who has she become?

I'm going to go get sick now.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger Rosemary Bogdan said...

Oh Valerie, you and your family are in my prayers.

At 10:06 PM, Blogger annb said...

Valerie, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that you will find comfort and peace in the midst of the turmoil!

At 12:01 AM, Blogger My Kid's Mom said...

Rosemary and Ann - thanks for the prayers - God truly is listening.


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