Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fond and Difficult and Bittersweet Farewells

My husband's folks leave in the morning. We've had such an enjoyable time with them. They are wonderful people, and great parents and grandparents.

Today was a special day for them, as it was Grandparents' day at DQ's school, so there was a continental breakfast, followed by the jazz and concert band concerts, and then a Mass. Afterwards, they took DQ out to lunch at her *favorite* restaurant, and then took her shopping for a graduation gift. Tonight, we grilled chicken outdoors, and spent the rest of the time talking, laughing, playing cards, and praying. It will be difficult to say farewell tomorrow, as it won't be until September until we see them again.

Tomorrow, I plan to get some paperwork done and phone calls for legal advice. I have to finally clean out the bedroom which housed our eldest daughter and get stuff packed up and placed out in the pole barn so that the room can be painted and used for another guest room/study. I've been thinking about rearranging it a little so that it can be my study - it would be a pretty room in which to do my writing, which is going to be taking up more of my time now. So, it will be another difficult farewell tomorrow, as that bedrooms' purpose ended way to soon, and the many memories within its' four walls still echo and pull on my heartstrings.

Tomorrow, I place down the money for the acceptance fee at OSU for DQ - and she received quite a nice scholarship from them!!!! And even though she has about 5 more weeks before she graduates, I am already in the process of saying farewell to her childhood and hello to her adulthood with such mixed emotions. She's going to go far - with her writing talent and her her desire to make a difference in this world! It is exciting to watch her grow up into such a kind and generous and sensitive young lady who has so much to offer in many different ways.

So, mixed emotions prevail once again. But that is what life is all about. You embrace the sadness with the joys, and somehow you hold your head high and praise God for all that He has given to you.


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