Friday, April 17, 2009


This is dedicated to Ruth, my best friend, who died 13 years ago on April 20th. This was her favorite song when we used to "hang out" together in college.

Ruth was such a special lady, warm and loving, sweet and gentle. She was a minister's daughter, and we were total opposites, but we loved each other dearly.

I've never, ever been able to find another "best friend." She's irreplaceable. So, we are indeed, BFF.

Ruth - thank you for all that you brought to my life. I miss you, and I look forward to the day when we meet again, in heaven. I love you!


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Val, what a cool thing to post in honor of your BFF! I haven't really had a super close girlfriend since high school. Of course, I married at 18, four months after returned from a year in Sweden as an exchange student. (Bad idea.) I did hospice care for a close friend who died this fall. What a privilege. (Sorry, my fingers start "thinking" when I start some of my "notes").

BLAST FROM THE PAST MUSIC: To my great sorrow, in high school I worked for an A- #1 dysfunctional family. They marked me and my family for life, and not all for good by any means. I guess they inspired me to get a Social Work degree and focus on early childhood development as I searched for the critical points times to impact people's lives.

The "husband" was a music promoter. Thus, my boyfriend and I got to see the Fifth Dimension AND Jimmie Hendrix! After the concert, we were so psyched that we ran outside into a warm, violent summer rainstorm and jumped right in a fountain at the Seattle Center, clothes and all. We were soaked anyway. Ahhh, 1969!

I think you'll really love this song. It's on Santana's album Milagros but you can catch the incredible tune on YouTube. You HAVE to love it! Zip right up to 8 minutes for a preview of the lyrics below. The total length is 10:39. Intense!


" heaven..... There is a place waiting for you and me! He made a promise..... Gave every drop of His blood! And died on the cross... so we'd be free!!" I was so shocked the first time I heard the gorgeous voice of the vocalist give a crystal clear gospel message!! Outta nowhere come those soaring lyrics. WOW!! And the guitar....!! Carlos!!!

I had to check in on your blog and will pray for you and yours now.

In Christ, Michal <><

Sorry about "anon." I guess I have filters or something because I have to make a new account every time I try to use Google (Blogger).


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