Monday, May 25, 2009

Tenderly – A Poem to My Oldest

Tenderly, tenderly, I picked you up

And held you close to my heart.

Your tiny perfect body was all curled up next to me

As our hearts intertwined, never to be pulled apart.

Tenderly, tenderly, I held you close

As you lay unconscious in my arms

Your tiny body was limp and motionless

And I prayed to God to save you from harm.

Tenderly, tenderly, I read you stories

Of princesses and pioneers and God's love.

You snuggled under my arm and breathed softly

As your imagination captured the images from above.

Tenderly, tenderly, we said prayers every night,

And thanked God for the blessing of you;

We knew our time together would be brief,

So we planted the seeds of faith and hope and love, too.

Tenderly, tenderly, I planned special events

From birthdays to holidays and graduation;

Always taking such love and care to show

That you were such a gift and not an obligation.

Tenderly, tenderly, I wiped your brow

Each time you became ill;

I prayed for your return to health

And a miracle did God surely fulfill.

Tenderly, tenderly, I have cried each night

As I long for your sweet embrace;

I miss you and I love you forevermore

And I can't wait to see your beautiful face.

Tenderly, tenderly, I have prayed

That someday you will return

To your home and your family and to your Lord

Who waits with a love which yearns.

To my daughter, "TP"

Copyright 2009 Valerie Wolff


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