Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year!

January is halfway over, and I haven't even sent out Christmas cards. I haven't wished my blogging buddies a Happy New Year! And I haven't even been to Mass yet this year . . . thanks to being ill the past couple of weeks. I can't wait to walk through those doors tomorrow!!!! It's been so long, too long, since I've been inside my beloved church, since I've received Communion, since I've been part of our community of believers. . . and I do ache because I miss all of that so much.

It's amazing how much energy can be drained out of a person after having the "simple" intestinal flu bug, and then catch the "simple" common cold right after. It has felt good to get out and about the past couple of days - but I still get tired easily. Can't wait for my full strength to return because this old body is crying out for a good work-out and walking.

We had a great Christmas season, made even more special by the presence of KM, my precious 15 month old granddaughter. She is such a blessing and she brings so much joy into this household. She loved to walk around the house and kiss the Baby Jesus at all of our creches, while saying "Baby Zeezus" in a hushed tone, as if she knew how special that Baby truly is. DQ had a long break from school and enjoyed her relaxation time with friends and in front of her computer, writing. TP had a nice little trip to Wisconsin which she enjoyed thoroughly - and it was good for her to get away from the pressures of nursing school and being a single mom for just a few days.

Our family isn't perfect, but we are working on mending the drifts. Our family has had its' ups and downs, but we are working on becoming more stable. Our family has had more than enough anguish and pain,, but we are working on healing and growing closer. I see small steps being taken. And I see the miracle of a little baby in the household as the impetus and reason behind the tentative steps toward reconciliation, forgiveness, and restoration. So, KM has brought the innocence of a child's love back into the family, which has helped the pain and anguish be replaced with warmth and smiles and hugs, ever so slowly. For who can resist and impish little grin and a head on your shoulder with the little one saying "awww"? What unconditional love she brings - what power that has to bring us back together once again. So, our Christmas season even more than "great" - it was miraculous!