Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Prayers during Lent

I apologize for not posting that interview which I was supposed to do on February 17th. There have been many medical emergencies in my family and a couple of other pretty intense situations which have captured my time and energy. As soon as things settle down, I do plan on posting the interview, and my sincere apologies to Susan Weagant and Karen Power.

In the meantime, today is the First Day of Lent. I don't know how many followers I still have out there in blog-land, but I am asking for prayers for myself and my family during this Lenten season. I am exhausted and emotioanlly spent, and I need to find strength and comfort and guidance to do God's will. This is a very private battle, so I have decided to not go into specifics here. Just know that I appreciate all of you keeping me close in thought and prayer as I face whatever is yet to come. God bless you and yours.