Friday, August 31, 2007


Gorgeous voice - poignant song. Just what I needed to hear this evening. I hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When God Steps In

A fellow blogger, Bonnie Bruno, has a new book out in a few days. It's entitled "When God Steps In: Stories of Everyday Grace". You can read about her book at one of her websites, . This website also has a link to or so that you can order this great book. You can also visit her other blogs to get to know this delightful Christian woman at and . She's a talented writer and photographer, and she also has a column at .
I'm looking forward to reading this book. The description at states: Life moves at a dizzying pace. Years slip away before we know it, leaving us with a stack of photo albums. But snapshots can't adequately capture the pivotal events that stretch and define our lives - - "aha" moments when God steps in to lovingly mold us into the people he designed us to become. We all experience times such as these. . . an unexpected move changes life forever, a child's joy overwhelms us, a loved one dies, a stranger appears and we reach out to help, a gift from God arrives just in time. Divine appointments and sacred interruptions may show up as ordinary, everyday events or as complex struggles - - with the power to alter our lives forever. When God Steps In: Stories of Everyday Grace offers a close-up look at what can happen when we slow the pace and allow God to speak peace to our hearts. Borrowed from the pages of real lives, these fifty true stories will encourage you to recognize sacred interruptions and to grow not in spite of, but because of them.
One of these true stories is mine. Bonnie approached me over a year ago to write my "story of everyday grace". Thank you, Bonnie, for allowing me to be a part your ministry.
Please consider purchasing Bonnie's book - I am certain you will be touched by all the stories found within.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The "Nice Matters" Award

My friend, CJ, at has given me a wonderful gift, the "Nice Matters" award. You may recall that CJ and her son have been going through a very difficult time in their lives, so I ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers.
"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those
who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive
influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass on to
seven others whom you feel are deserving of this award".
So, without further ado, I am hereby awarding the following fellow bloggers with this kind and thoughtful award:
1). Darlene at or

2). Barbara at
3). Jules at
4). Deb at
5). Shawnda at
6). Ann at
7). Jeff at
And, of course, there are my other friends: Nettie, Stacy, Kevin, Gina, Gayla, Mrs. D., Sarah, Rebekah and her parents and her little sister, Vicki, BWH and Echotig, Carol, and so on, who are some of the nicest people I've ever "met". So, consider yourselves awarded, too! I would have also awarded Paula at this award, but CJ had already given it to her!
I hope all of you have a great week. DQ starts back to school tomorrow, and TP is returning from Michigan today and will (hopefully) start a new job soon as an ABA instructor for an autistic child. I will start back to a regular blogging schedule after I'm done with my garage sale this coming weekend! Love to you all. . .

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm on YouTube!

My dear friend, Paula, is such a sweetheart. She made a video on YouTube, celebrating her friendship with me, Darlene of and CJ at . Please take a visit to Paula's blog, and find out why she's such a great blogging friend and sister in Christ. The post is entitled "You Gotta Have Friends", and it's located at . Go and enjoy!!! It will make your day - I know it touched me deeply.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Sudden Loss

My friend, Pat, died recently of a ruptured brain aneurysm. He leaves behind his wife of 31 years and four children and one grandchild and students and friends who loved him dearly. He had a gift for trivia, and was two weeks shy of becoming a contestant on "Jeopardy". His qualities far exceeded his quirks - he was sensitive, kind, compasstionate, intelligent, driven by morals and integrity rather than popular culture, and passionate about his family and his teaching and his faith. His sense of humor often led people to tears because they were laughing so hard.

Pat was my date for junior prom. He had a crush on me, but the feelings weren't reciprocated - I just always thought of him as a dear friend. I remember talking to him later, convincing him that he needed to put his sights on someone else who had loved him since second grade. They eventually did marry, and from what I can tell, had a fantastic marriage. In high school, there was a group of us who would hang out, do dumb things, and talk about everything from politics to religion to our faith to our plans for the future. We were "forever friends", who could pick up where we left off at each high school reunion, as if time had stood still and we hadn't aged a bit.

Pat is now with his Lord, and I'm sure he's exchanging bits of trivia and barbs with the others who have gone before us. Pat, you left and indelible mark on me, and I will treasure my memories of our friendship. Say some prayers for me, and I'll see you someday on the other side. God bless your family and provide them with the strength and comfort they need to help them with their loss.

Answer: because he was such a kind and loving and gentle soul.
Question: Why will people miss Pat?

Friday, August 17, 2007

James Taylor - You've Got A Friend '71

To my buddy, Pat, with whom I shared a lot of fun times with during high school. This was *our* song. As he lies in a coma, please rush the heavens with your prayers for a miracle - he is in a vegatative state due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. You were such a good friend throughout those crazy years of high school. God's blessings on you, Sarah, and your kids. I love you, Pat!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

8 Things about My Marriage

Darlene, the wonderful editor of , has just tagged me with a meme about naming 8 random things about my marriage. Seeing how I am going to be celebrating 32 years of wedded bliss in about a month, I graciously agreed to participate in this assignment.

1). My husband's hair was longer than mine on our wedding day. I had mine cut the day before we got married - it had been below my shoulders, but I was tired of it, so it was chopped off. We got married in 1975, so you know that guys had long hair back then. It makes for interesting comments when people look at our wedding pictures.

2). It snowed the morning we got married - in September. Our reception was held across the street from the shores of Lake Michigan and our pictures were taken outstide. Sunny but very, very chilly.

3). I'm married to my best friend. We were really good friends before we were married, and we've remained such. We've had our difficult stretches, but we got through them because the word "commitment" is the cornerstone of our marriage.

4). My husband promised me 25 years ago when we first moved to Ohio that we would move back to Michigan in "a couple of years". Many things have happened over the past "couple of years" - we have moved three different times, we have adopted two daughters who are now 19 and 16, he has had several different jobs, I have earned my Bachelor's from WSU and my Master's from OSU . . . I'm still waiting to get back to Michigan.

5). I really, really wish my Mom would have been present at my wedding. I really wish she would have had the chance to get to know my husband - I think she would love him dearly. She would love his honesty, integrity, dependability, and steadfastness. She would be grateful that he had a strong faith in God. I still miss my mom - and it will be 39 years on Monday since she was called home to be with her Lord.

6). He always put my needs first, period. That is what marriage is all about - putting the other before yourself, and doing things for that person out of love, even if you don't feel like doing it. I try to do the same for him. I hope my daughters will do the same for their spouses.

7) Our marriage is Christ-centered.

8). He likes to golf. I like to shop. When we retire, he can golf all he wants to if I get to shop all I want to. :-)

I now tag newlywed Jeff, Barbara in England , my new blogging friend AnnB, and Counseling Kevin.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Going through Life

DQ is in band camp this week - 12 hour days in the sweltering sun and drenching humidity. And she's loving every minute of it. Granted, she comes home exhausted and her feet hurt - but there is a self-confidence and happiness about her which I haven't seen in a long, long time. You see, she's been through a lot the past several years - what with TP's illness and hospitalizations, the racism and cruelty she experienced from her peers at a small private schoo, and the worry she felt during her older sister's first year away at college. All of these factors made her withdrawn and shy and anxious, and she had difficulty coping with many things.

But not now. She has back to the "old" DQ - the one I haven't seen in probably 4 years. There's a smile on her face, and an eagerness to get up out of bed and face each day. There are hugs now, and willingness to talk about what is going on in her head.

The "old" TP has returned, too. She has found her way back - and she is happier than I've seen her in such a very long time. Probably since before her illness started. She has a great boyfriend, is putting money away for college, is going to church every Sunday, and is excited about starting her sophomore year in October at her new school. She'll be living at home for the rest of her college life - and that is a good thing.

I missed my "old" girls over the past few years - I missed when they were full of life and happiness rather than sadness and anxiety and anger. A lot of life-draining experiences has happened to our family over the past 4 and a half years, and all of us were reacting to them in similar and yet different ways. But now, it feels like the cloud has been lifted. Our house is a happy one again - the tension is gone, replaced with more kindness and patience and consideration of each other. It's amazing what the effects from chronic illness and racism can do to a family - and I know it was pulling mine apart. But through it all, God remained a constant and faithful presence in our midst. He gently pulled us through all of the crap that was going on, helped to comfort and guide us, and showed us the way to joining together once again.

I am so relieved. So happy. And I appreciate all the prayers that each of you offered on my behalf - you have been awesome in your support and understanding and kindness and love. Thanks! My prayer now is that CJ and her family can see how powerful God was through my darkest hours, so that she knows He will be just as ever-present to her now as He was to me.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Prayer

As CJ and her son face this new life apart, let us keep them close in our prayers and ask that God keep them safe in His grace. God's blessing to you both!

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Young Mother Responds

CJ has left a very eloquent and poignant response to the court's decision which was renedered yesterday, wherein it was decided that she would lose physical custody. This young lady is an amazing source of inspiration and courage and love. I'm proud of her, and I'm blessed to have her as a friend. Please go over to CJ's and leave a comment, and continue to keep this family in your prayers. Thank you.

Her response can be found at

God bless you and your son, CJ.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

CJ - Don't Give Up, You Are Loved

CJ lost physcial custody of her son today. I'd like to dedicate this song to her. CJ, when you listen to the lyrics of this song, imagine them being sung to you by Jesus. He wants you to know that He will be there next to you, loving you and guiding you and giving you strength through this painful time. Dear Lord, I ask that you sustain CJ. Please give her the words and wisdom to help ManChild through this transition. Please give her peace of heart and soul, knowing that she was able to hold ManChild's hand only for a short time but his love forever.

In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that I did receive a comment from the "other side" which I refuse to publish. What I do plan on doing in the near future is publish all of the ISP address from Illinois to Florida which have appeared on my sitemeter over 100 times these past few days, including the one who made the comment, and ask your help in possibly identifying these people. I am certain CJ will know the people involved. What kind of people would want to add insult to injury?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Powerful Tribute

Another blogging friend, Paula, just posted a loving tribute to the friend I mentioned in my previous post. It's a very powerful testimony of the power of a mother's love - in this instance, the love between CJ and her son. If you have a few minutes, please go over to Paula's blog to watch her video of this mother and son. Paula can be found at Please continue to keep CJ and her family in your prayers as the court date is tomorrow. Thank you!