Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sacred Interruptions and Christian Women Online

My friend, Bonnie, is issuing a 30 day challenge to "watch for God's entry into the everyday corners of your life". She is encouraging people to keep a journal for 30 days, wherein we record what happens when we look and listen and expect God to interrupt our day. Please visit her website at to read more about this. Bonnie is also the author of a book, "When God Steps In - Stories of Everyday Grace", which was recently pubished. If you recall, my story is included in that book, as is a couple of my other blogging buddies. It's a wonderful book and I highly recommend it - some of the stories in there are amazing!

On a separate note, I was unable to write my column for this month's Christian Women Online e-zine due to a multitude of reasons. I invite you to go to the website and read March's edition. It's located at . You can still read past articles of mine, but this month mine is noticeably missing, and I do apologize. I appreciate Darlene's understanding of my recent set of circumstances, and it won't happen again!


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